Friday, May 22, 2009

Thing 16 - Social Networking and PLNs

What do you all think about the following quote? Apply it to the use of Web 2.0 tools in instruction:
I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
-Albert Einstein

Now, on to the task!

* What were your feelings on social networking before you took this course? Were you active in any form of social networking before you took this course? If so, was it personal or professional? I really had no exposure except to Diigo, and that through Caroline here at the PDC, to social networking. I had heard of MySpace, and didn't like what I had heard! I was not active at all in any of this. That certainly changed just before I took the course. Facebook was and is my "Rock of Gibraltar", where I first discovered what this was all about!
* If you've never gotten involved in social networking for professional purposes, had you ever considered using web-based tools as means of networking with other educators before? NO, I had never heard of this except just bits and pieces from people who seemed to be able to do that through "magic" ! Hahaha! I never imagined I could learn how to do the same thing. Now I am realizing just how useful it could have been as a classroom teacher!
* Regarding PLNs (Personal/Professional Learning Networks), what are your initial thoughts about them? I am amazed at them. They seem to take a lot of time, though! How do you decide when to plurk or tweet and when to stay quiet/ Is it considered rude to not tweet or plurk for a few days? My questions are many. But I love the PLN concept. I would have loved to have set up a PLN with Spanish teachers across the world. Wow...such an opportunity to grow your art and style in teaching. Is this what it felt like when they first came out with radio, then TV, then tape recordings, etc.?
* Looking at your own professional practices, do you think building your own PLN could benefit you? Why or why not? I will try. What does it hurt to try? :) I can see that ideas about interpreting, family engagement, and serving at a District-wide level from others doing the same would potentially encourage me a great deal to stay open to new ideas! I don't want to grow stale in my profession!

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  1. Can I just say that I love your open and welcoming attitude that you have about everything that you're experiencing in this course. "I don't want to grow stale in my profession." - Why can't everyone think that way? Can you tell I'm a bit frustrated as I write? Hey, at least I've got nothing but glowing praise for you.

    As for a couple of your questions, it is not considered rude not to tweet or plurk for a few days, but it IS nice to at least respond to a plurk or two here and there.

    Deciding when to plurk or tweet? Have you found something interesting that you'd like to share? Then Plurk/tweet it. I don't always Tweet/Plurk about work related topics, but I do find that even sharing education related items that someone else might already know about at least lets people know that I'm interested in contributing. A bit of it is building your name recognition, so when it comes time to ask a question, you'll get replies.

    Love the idea of building a network of Spanish teachers. There are a few on Plurk by they way :)