Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Day in the Life...District Educational Interpreter and Family Engagement

(a) conference with mother who wished to change KK teachers for son...premonitions and dreams
(b) High Schooler from Colombia into 11th grade but no transcript...
(c) translation of urgent letter and forms for new Adult ESOL class
(d) phone call after one day of calls from Dad of PreK student attending but not registered
(e) home visit with Social Worker to complete registration for daughter because of no POR was available...bus route and time call to Transportation
(f) lunch of comfort food with a great colleague
(g) conference with Dad of Alternative School student who has misbehaved and now claims he cannot read the test questions ---ELL Dept consultation
(h) two home calls to ask parents to call schools
(i) another email needing info about a home visit to KK student who language line interpreter said was home without parents util Sept. - who has charge of this child? asks the school
(j) new student from El Salvador with 7th grade education and who is age-appropraite for 11th grade...no English at all..W-APT test given...aunt told (no parents in USA) that there is no way he can complete school to earn a diploma

Thursday, January 21, 2010