Monday, May 18, 2009

Thing 14 - YouTube and TeacherTube

I have also had a lot of fun exploring YouTube. I had, of course, seen a few YouTube videos before, but I had never really searched for videos. I found a couple of videos of Spanish lessons (some much better than others in terms of quality and methodology), several videos about Quakers that both annoyed and interested me, and the following video on Native American Flute playing (a "how to" video that is to tell you how to make certain grace notes and other notes on a flute...I have about 10 flutes and this is my hobby!):

There is a lot of potential to supplement your lessons here, and also to provide additional remediation in your subject material. Let's say in Spanish class:

I am just amazed that all of that is out there! Of course... I see theses and think to myself (I confess) "I can do better"! So I need to start creating videos in these topics and put them on YouTube I suppose. And I did see that there were a lot of pitfalls to just jumping into searching for videos without filtering! Even words like "Spanish" yielding some bad things at times. I am interested in redaing and seeing what others found!

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