Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More words, less videos

I've put a lot of video clips on lately...if you are checking my blog out while at work within the school system, some will not work and will appear as big blank, white spaces! So check me out at home. All YouTube videos are blocked within the school system. None of mine are objectionable as you will see. So I decided now is also a good time to start writing again and not just post video clips I like or need. But do check them out when you can!
Anyway, welcome to all the new Fall 2009 23 Thingers! You will love the course! I hope my blog might inspire and give you ideas about your assignments, some of which may have changed a little bit since I took the course, mind you! Also, let me know if you have questions that a fellow-former-previous course-taker could answer, for what that's worth!