Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thing 13 - VoiceThread

This was a very interesting "THING" ! It was my very first exposure to a voicethread, and I love them. Now the first part was the playing with it...I really loved what I would call my typical first response always to each new thing: a "neat", technological sort of awe of creating such a thing and then posting it to a blog or to my wiki.

Then comes reality. Not disillusion, but simply being overwhelmed. I wanted to put a voicethread on everything!

So, I created a voicethread to go on a family blog I created...with some old photographs of family...and my comments about the photos. In checking it, there are some issues with the audio...I am suspecting that it was my home interenet DSL on my laptop which seems to regularly go out briefly and back on. So, I am trying to fix that before posting it.

I am also working on a voicethread to send out for interpreters in the School District and other locations. I will post that here as soon as I have completed it.

In comparing the slideshow options...I just like the idea of being able to make comments in the voicethread option. This seems to fit best for instruction and "distance" training.

By the way, a success story...briefly, I teach a Cont.Ed. class for UGA...I created a wiki for the students which not only gave them a great source of communicating with each other and me, but also served me well when I needed a substitute to come in and teach/guide the class...I wrote all of my lesson plans and activities for the day I would be gone on a page of the wiki (see the link to the left side of the page). This made a hugely positive impression on the Administration of UGA! Hooray!


  1. I like using my wiki for something similar...I post my daily assignments on my wiki and that gives our ISS teacher a means for getting my assignments for my kids when they are in ISS.

  2. Congrats on the kudos for your Cont. Ed. wiki!
    It looks great :)

    Regarding Voice Threads, I've found so many good uses for this application! When I was first introduced to it and perused the ideas, one that struck me as particularly useful was in a foreign language class. Students had pictures of tables set with a variety of foods and a team of students used the Voice Thread to orally describe the items (in French of course).

    Can't wait to see your interpreter VT :)