Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thing 22 - Exploring Web 2.0 Tools Again

First, courtesy of LiveTyping:


I have explored Animoto and created this 30 second slideshow- click HERE to view What fun and how easy is that! I want to create one for my students with a quick story in Spanish so they can practice.

Next, I created a quiz in Spanish Grammar for Interpreters">Advanced Spanish grammar for Interpreters using Quizlet.

I also explored Lessonwriter and My Tadalists I am keeping a good taglist in my Diigo dashboard labeled "Web 2.0 Tools" so I won't forget where these things are on the Web. A lot of them I want to explore later. There is so much that you can use in any kind of training/learning exercise that it will make a "regular old" lecture seem dull to me I am afraid. I remember that I used to feel pretty "hip" just knowing how to create and use a PowerPoint (I think my wife had to convince me and show me how to use that!).


  1. I think that I have a lot to learn about WEB 2.0. I seems like every time I see one activity or another, I then read someone elses blog and find something I had not even gotten too. This live type is something I need to investigate.

  2. Livetyping is a new one on me! That might be great for announcements on a wiki. It certainly grabs your eye.