Friday, June 5, 2009

Apple Store deal! I made the switch! I crossed the river...I converted....I went to the other side....PC to Mac!

Apple Store has a deal on now. You buy a MacBook and get an IPod Touch for FREE!!! They also have free financing for a year! I have pondered a Mac for a while, and fought it for a good while. Finally I was convinced. All my family (in house that is, and cousins off in TX) have Macs. Susan converted to a Mac a while back. When we sit in the den and start up laptops, I wait, and wait, and wait (granted, my Dell Inspiron 8600 is older, but...) while they all start right to work!

So last weekend I did it! I bought one! I am excited! It is being shipped to me, but the IPod Touch has already arrived. You buy it and they send you a rebate for $229!!! I really haven't tried out the IPod Touch yet! I am weird that way...

I am spending the waiting time (a bit long in my opinion) watching video clips from the Apple Store about switching form PC to Mac, and also about the features of my new laptop! Learning a lot ahead of time which should make the transitional shock less frustrating I hope!

I will keep you posted!

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