Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thing 21 - Pageflakes

My pageflakes page is public temporarily (I realized that some of the flakes are not for public view in the long run. I had a bit of trouble understanding how to copy the page that Caroline had created, so I just started with a blank page (or at least I think with my 1st page tab) and edited, removed, and added flakes to the page. I really like this, and have done this before with Google.

By the way, I used Jing to capture the image of my pageflakes page you see here. (I'm kind of excited I figured out how to do that, sure, BUT MORE EXCITED THAT I THOUGHT ABOUT DOING THAT...know what I'm trying to say????) I really think I will create a new page for my interpreters' course! I can put various links and media, and notes, etc. to supplement the in-class activities.

As to uses, I think it would be great to "theme" a page and have students be able to go there and do research in a more directed manner, that is, with some bit of direction that the instructor has preliminarily "filtered" for them.

1 comment:

  1. I, too, like the features Pageflakes offers in terms of a resource page. I'm sure your interpreters will enjoy it as well!

    I've actually thought about having students create their own Pages to house research references, sites of interest, etc. -- maybe I'll try it this year :)

    Jing is such a useful tool! It comes in handy for uses such as yours AND has even helped me create a video to introduce my mom to Facebook.