Monday, April 27, 2009

Thing 12 = FUN

Oh my gosh! Thanks a lot, Caroline! I am spending hours with this it!

I explored a lot of these (and am still exploring them! I created two "word art" pieces using Wordle.

This was just an idea...kind of (well, really is...) a religious theme...I just wondered what would happen when I put in all the text from the "Welcome to Our Quaker Meeting" brochure. Neat, huh?

I also created a photo of my Dad and my middle son using BeFunky...and of Jeremy, my oldest son:

As to Educational Implications:

(A) Wordle can be used to take a play and see if common words (and thus, themes) "pop-out" for students.
(B) In the Foreign Language class, dialogs could be used to create a "Wordle", then students (with the original dialog in front of them) have to use the Wordle to recreate conversations using the words before them!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thing 11 Slideshow

A Slide Show:

Update! What happened to my slideshow? It was on here I know...? I will seek technical help? Or maybe I just can't see it from the school computer? Ah, yes, I think that is it!!! Never mind! Learn something every day!
The Life in a Family (No, that wording is intentional...think about the fact that there is life that we experience in the family)

Photo Sources: Coming soon I promise!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thing 5-B Update from Google Reader

I love history, and when you combine that (as works naturally) with religion and religious history, I am "in heaven"(what a pun!)! I was drawn to a link my Google Reader feed sent me "The History of Easter" which is actually just a link to The History Channel's page of the same title.

I love reading about all the origins of the "holidays". (British style with period after the quotation marks?). Religious history is a natural subject for a Quaker as well...seems a good fit for a small sect within Christianity.

So, that's what occupied my time of late!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


You all have to watch this video...starts off a bit slow, but just wait!